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About Us...

ShinyLAN, formed in the latter part of 2004 is a budding LAN party organisation. Run mostly by university and college students, we have all had years of LAN party experience, as well as technical knowledge and experience of networking, software and hardware. At our LANs we concentrate on a friendly and liberal atmostphere where like minded people can come and play their favourite computer games together.


ShinyLAN has been formed from the successful ShinyLorry LAN Parties. ShinyLorry had been running LAN parties from the summer of 2000, mostly in the Memorial Hall in Wincanton and in gigabits, Wincanton. We were initially part of gigabits, a local computer shop. Unfortunatly gigabits closed during the summer of 2004. ShinyLorry staff decided that we would like to continue running the LANs and thats just what we are doing!

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