Summer LAN 2004 (ShinyLorry) - Report

. :: 6th - 8th August 2004 :: .

Thanks to all of you for coming to the LAN, I certainly had a great time, CS tourney really a highlight for me. Pretty much everything went well, we had funny five minutes with the network, everyone had trouble getting to the DHCP server half way through the LAN but a swift reboot, beard scratch and some plugging and unplugging of CAT-5 cables seemed to sort it out.

We had 23 people at this event, a fair size but still relaxed and fun. We were:

Name Handle From
Ed Profet Southampton
Darren Daz0 Wincanton
Will Dentist Wincanton
Tom Khaine Southampton
Dan Darksoul Templecombe
Chris Bishop
narc Essex
Joe Gough MoogleAssassin Southampton
Finn Rogers Gore Wiltshire
Nick Cox Gush Bristol
James Howe ubergibber
Ben Clarke
Clarkee Frome
Llewelyn Evans the goldfish bowl
Ian Dale
maps Sherbourne
Dan Griffiths Lazyboy Gloucester
Peter Merritt
pete Devizes
Steve Carter Manchester
Gripper mupets revenge Templecombe
Elliot Wilson
eJ Wiltshire
Chris Deff Templecombe
Han Orchid Wincanton
Rich Atom Sheffield

It was really good to see some new faces at the LAN and by all accounts you all enjoyed it so I hope to see you next time :) We mostly played Desert Combat, Khaine and Darksoul showed us how to play, along with Atom they really led the action. ubergibber put in a good show all weekend in Desert Combat and is a demon with a stinger! Darksoul is your man for flying, special skill: killing you by landing on, or flying into you, all without loss of his own life! We thought about a little competition in DC, however it looked very much like Khaine would win so we didn't :p

Insane rocks. Its one of those old games that doesn't seem to go away. A refreshingly simple game where you drive cars and trucks into each other to score points. My kinda game. Its getting on a bit now but we seem to play it at some point at every LAN.

Farcry got a look in too, looks amazing but I think we're all looking to Half-Life 2 for the next landmark game. For old times sake we had a little game or two of Unreal Tournement, the original. I sucked as per usual, and deff rocked, beating off all the competition. Now there is a game he does like. We also played a lot of CS, as expected.

Now, someone please tell me the point of Condition Zero. The simgle player game is shite, and the mulitplayer is CS 1.6 with ribbons at best. Apart from allegedly improved bots it seems to be just another money making scheme from Steam. Anyway, we had an amazing counter-strike competition, its a long one.....

Counter-Strike competition

We thought we'd try something new here. The competition started with 18 players, we started the first round on de_dust2, all 18 players in one match, 9 a side. After a furious 10 minutes we had this scoreboard:

We'd spent a good half an hour or so making Steve's PC prepared to actually play the game only for him to end up bottom of the score board on Terrorist, along with Yan on CT. The bottom player from each team were ejected from the competition and we moved to the next round. Map: de_dust

This was once again furious gaming, everybody is out there for themselves, we each must get kills to avoid being at the bottom of the scoreboard and thus relegated. MavelousMooglethingimy and Daz0 showed their consistant great form early on the competition, Gore, Maps and Dentist also showed us they have what it takes. Deff managed to hang in there despite his hate for the game and Profet ecsapes ejection by one. pete and narc are kicked out, but should that have been the gold fish bowl instead!! In the heat of the moment that was overlooked, apologies. Next map: cs_office

Well, what can I say? Absolutely marvellous performance from Profet in this round. In the close quarters combat of cs_office, in the blood churning action of 7v7 Counter-Strike and with the grace of an old pro that sterling chap really buckled down and went to town. Racing to the top of the leader board for CTs with such cunning and skill not often seen at this level of LAN gaming. Sadly Gush and Requiem had to leave our ranks. Maybe the map didn't suit them but one can't help feeling sorry for the blighters, we all know they are better than that, and with the right map may have gone all the way. God Bless them. Onward to round 4, map: de_train

This type of competition is really fun! Adrenaline really was pumping hard, staying in the cut had just got tougher. Sadly Will (Denstist) lost out, as did deff, a fantastic performance from someone who hates the game and never plays it, natural talent I say. It seemed like my luck had turned too. Just 2 rounds of relegation remain. Next map: cs_estate.

Gore really showed us his skills here, I couldn't kill anyone. Clarkee didn't fair too well either. Seems like the wheat really was getting sorted from the chaff. Next map: de_dust2

Oh dear, Lazyboy, what happened? This was the final round played in this style, the final six had been found by process of elimination. Now they had to fight it out themsleves, the prize? A Sunday Roast at the Bear Inn. Gore and Mupets Revenge picked teams from those remaining. The teams were, Mupet, Daz0 and The Goldfish Bowl verses Gore, MoogleAssasin and Maps. A really good performance from Maps through the whole tounement I must say.

left to right: Maps, Moogle and Gore. Plotting their tactics to win the food. left to right: Daz0, Goldfish and Mupet try to prepare from the onslaught.

The final was fought on de_dust, a map everybody knew well enough to feel confident. Mupet's team chose to go CT first after winning the toss. After a short break battle comenced. It was a very tense game from the start. Gore's team displaying some clever thinking and tactics. Mupet and Goldfosh Bowl seemed like lambs to the slaughter, with all of their apponents working as one. Daz0 managed to get a fantastic score in the first round but unfortantly it was not enough to save the team. The first round was won 10-2 to Gore's team.

Goldfish Bowl and Mupet in danger during the first round.

Playing as Terrorists Mupet's crew began to fight back, alas it was too little too late. The score got to 3-3 whereupon Gore's team were declared winners, 13-5. Sorry but someone forgot to take screenshots :(

Based on the performance of that match I'd say the best gamers won. However, mupet and goldfish bowl had played really well leading up to the final and came so close. Better luck next time.The the winners and a few other trooped down to the Bear Inn, a local eating establishment for their well earned meal. Nothing better than a good hot meal :)

Thanks for coming, remember 27th-29th December 2004....

Profet (Ed)

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