Easter ShinyLAN 2020

Covid-19 Update

Firstly, we’d like to thank you all for your patience over the last few weeks of uncertainty. A lot of stuff has been going on, and a lot of information has been flying around. Unfortunately, the ongoing situation regarding the Covid-19 outbreak has got worse and now running an event is strongly against the current government guidelines.

Because of this, we’ve decided to cancel the Easter LAN (10-13th April 2020). Information for ticket holders is in the next section.

We sincerely apologise for the late notice. This has been a recent decision and we have moved as quick as possible to finalise everything and inform everyone.
It is our intention to be back for the Summer LAN (28-31st August 2020) as planned, providing the current outbreak is contained by then.

Information for ticket holders
We’ve provided 2 options for ticket holders for this event: Refund or Rollover.

Refund: We will refund the entire cost of your order back to your original payment method. To request a refund, please email staff@shinylan.co.uk with your order number and state that you’d like a refund.

Rollover: We will convert your tickets to the next event (Summer LAN 28-31st August 2020). To request a rollover, please email staff@shinylan.co.uk with your order number and state that you’d like a rollover.

We will process your refund/rollover within 48 hours of confirming your request. If you have sent a message but had no confirmation, please message @staff on Discord.

If you have multiple tickets, please let us know how many tickets you want refunded or rolled over (if not all of them).

Finally, as a thank you, we will be organising some online events for the same weekend that Easter LAN would have been. This will be aptly named ShinyWAN. Please let @Stoolbend (on Discord) know if you’d like a custom LANyard produced and mailed to you free of charge to commemorate this (hopefully) one-time occurrence. This offer is only open to Easter LAN ticket holders.

The ShinyLAN Table of Four

Location: Wincanton Memorial Hall, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9JF.

Date and Time: 5:00pm 10th April 2020 - 5:00pm 13th April 2020.


Total SignupsConfirmedSlackers

AltLAN_DaveConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
Caroline_UntConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
DaveConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
DevilsclawConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
FatLipMurphyConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
MadSkillzBruhConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
MagicSpecialCakeConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
MoLekhConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
NoodlemanConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
stevemanicsConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
StoolbendConfirmed - Totally Awesome!
VikingConfirmed - Totally Awesome!

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