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Facilities Available At ShinyLAN

Postby Noodleman » Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:47 am

The hall now has glorious, GLORIOUS air conditioning, warm in winter, cool in summer.

We have a lot of regulars who attend ShinyLAN, however for those who may have not attended before I thought we should probably tell you what facilities are available, thus info below :) . If you feel I have missed something or want more information, please post below and I will update the list.

Parking / Travel

  • Free parking at the hall, large public car park is just outside the hall
  • Nearest train station is Castle Cary, about 15 mins away. Should you need a lift from the station I am sure some kind soul would come and get you. Post on the forum for a pick up request :idea:


  • Kettle, microwave and fridge freezer on site
  • 2 ovens and multiple hobs available for cooking
  • Cutlery, Plates and cups available for use at the hall.
  • Nearest small supermarket is a 2 min walk just outside the venue and into town. No need to drive
  • Nearest large supermarket is a 3 minute drive from the hall just off off the A303 junction, Morrisons & Lidle.
  • Chinese, Chips, Kebab House, Indian & Multiple pubs all within a 1-3 minute walk from the hall.
  • Should you wish to use the kitchen at the hall, you must bring your own cooking pots/pans and utensils.

  • We suggest bringing your own alcohol, however should you want to go to a pub, there are plenty near by.

  • Dedicated sleeping area away from the main hall. We suggest bringing a small air bed or roll mat as the floor can be quite hard.
  • You can sleep in the main hall if you wish, all we ask is you are considerate to others. Snorers in the main hall will be drawn on, and/or play buckaroo.
[*] At the request of the venue, please, no sleeping or storing of any items in the main entrance.

What to bring
  • Computer / Laptop / Xbox / Playstationor some other fun device that goes boop, (Don't forget the power cable and bits you need to make it work!)
  • Headphones. Nothing worse than 40 people all playing the same game over speakers in a small room. Headphones are a MUST.

Social Area
  • Shinylan has a social area where you can get away from the glow of your screen. Play board games, enjoy the organised events such as the pub quiz or poker tourney. Chairs & tables are provided

  • There are designated male & female toilets in the main entrance to the hall
  • There are also some unisex toilets at the far end of the hall
  • Sinks / hot water are available for washing in the main toilets

And now a map!

Or if you are proper sweaty for CS:GO...
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