League of Legends 1v1

23rd - 26th August 2019

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League of Legends 1v1

Postby FatLipMurphy » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:44 pm

On Saturday at 1pm, by popular demand, we will now be running an official, for points, League of Legends tournament! :o
Happy now?
There has been some debate as to how the League of Legends tournament should be run.
The management has decided that a 1v1 tournament ladder was the best way to go.

Here are the rules:

Arena: Howling Abyss
Champ Select: Blind pick

The winner will be the first to complete any one of the following objectives:
• Destroy the first enemy turret
• Kill the enemy champion
• Kill 100 minions (100 CS)

Points will be allocated by where you place on the tournament ladder, as follows:
1st Place: 8 points (and being the first official 1v1 champ of LoL!)
2nd Place: 6 points (and drowning in a pool of your own tears)
Semi Finalist: 4 points
Quarter Finalist: 2 points
Didn't place in the top 8 due to being megabad: 1 point
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