Shiny Lolypmics / Drunk Olympics

23rd - 26th August 2019

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Shiny Lolypmics / Drunk Olympics

Postby FatLipMurphy » Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:31 pm

Back by popular demand, we're hosting the world famous drunk olympics!
You lucky lucky people! :twisted:

This will be set up over the course of Saturday and Sunday so that everyone has time to get through all of our wondrous events.
While there is a points system to the tournament and participation in the tournament will yield some glorious LanHero points, the points for the tournament will not earn prizes.
These are not just any points, these are top of the range, grass-fed, organic, M&S points which will be used to determine who gets the actual useful points.

Our events and their rules and scoring are as follows:

Boat Race - 10 points could be yours!
At 8pm on Saturday, by popular demand, we're doing a boat race!
Participating players will be put into 2 teams. All players must have a pint of drink ready for the event. This does not have to be alcoholic but, if it's not for a medical or legal reason, you may experience some mild peer pressure from the other participants.
Each team will form two opposing lines. The player at the front must drink their beverage as quickly as possible, then put the empty pint cup bottoms up over their head. Once the player in front has his upturned cup on his head, the next player does the same until the last player is reached. No player is allowed to drink from their pint cup until it is their turn. The first side where all players have finished this task will win 10 points each!

Beer pong - 10 points up for grabs!
This will be a 3 cups a side game (because the standard 6 cups a side takes forever).
If you wish to make teams to play, that's entirely up to you! Just make sure it's against a team of the same size.
A coin toss will decide who goes first, then it's game on!
Direct throws and bouncing are allowed. Blowing the ball out of the cup if it's circling the rim is also allowed.
Elbows behind the edge of the table. This won't be strictly enforced but don't be a dick.

Wii Sports - 10 points to the lucky, lucky winner (5 each in a tie scenario)
We'll be playing some Wii Sports on the projector this year!
You and a single opponent will select any game from the list except Golf (takes way too long)

Egg & Spoon Race
It's a classic Egg & Spoon race! Max 4 people per race
Balance your egg on the spoon and walk to the finish line. If your egg falls off, you must pick it up and go back to the start.
4 player: 1st gets 10 points, 2nd gets 8 points, 3rd gets 5 points and 4th gets NO POINTS
3 player: 1st gets 10 points, 2nd gets 5 points, 3rd gets NOTHING
2 player: 1st gets 10 points, 2nd gets DICK ALL

Badminton - 10 points to the winning player/team
This can be played as either a singles or doubles game (1v1 or 2v2)
All shots played must be played upwards (no spiking) and end up in the opponents playing area.
With the comedy-sized racquets, start a game by getting at least a rally of 4 shots from each side.
The losing team will be the team who either fails to return a valid shot or fouls the shot (spiking or out of bounds).

Throw or roll the ball at the pins, arranged stood up in a 6 pin triangle.
2 points will be awarded for each pin knocked over.

Ring Toss
Each player will get three attempts to throw a ring over a set of pegs.
10 points will be awarded for the central peg
5 points will be awarded for any of the outer pegs

You have from when the events are set up on Saturday until 6pm on Sunday to complete all of these challenges.

LanHero Points will be awarded as follows:

1st place: 10 points
2nd place: 8 points
3rd place: 6 points
4th place: 4 points
5th place: 2 points

Didn't get in the top 5? No matter, you still get one point and the warm, fuzzy glow of knowing you got to play in the Lolympics! You probably won't get a sponsorship deal though.

In the case of a tie for 1st to 5th, those players will all get the number of points for the position they tie for (i.e. two people could come 2nd, then the next would be 4th)

Best of luck to all participants!
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Re: Shiny Lolypmics / Drunk Olympics

Postby SpuD » Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:34 pm

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