27th - 30th December 2019

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Postby Stoolbend » Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:56 pm

We've had a few complaints over the last few events, about lag during online games, and the internet in general.

In the past, our stance has always been "everyone has a fixed amount of bandwidth" so one person can't roger the whole internet, and spoil everyone's fun.
While this has worked fine for many years, and especially when the hall had plain ole' ADSL internet, with lots of people taking up online games over the last few years... It doesn't really cut it anymore.

In terms of what internet the hall currently has 33Mbps download & 4Mbps upload, which isn't a whole lot to pipe round to 40 people.
Over the last few events, we've tried out a few different measures to better manage the available resources. Some have worked (and we are still using today), and some caused undescribable wank (which we had to remove).

At this coming event, we have made some radical changes that we are going to try out.
For the first 24-30 hours, we will trial a new system of managing bandwidth for everyone on the network.

If things are looking ok after this initial tweaking period, we'll keep this system going forward. If things aren't looking so rosy, then we'll revert to our old methods (and go back to the drawing board).

More details will follow closer to the event on what sort of issues we'd like to know about, and how to report them during the testing period.

Many thanks for your understanding & continuing LANnage...
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