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[appropriate festive greeting]

It's almost that time of the year where people celebrate whatever they want to celebrate, and traditionally we will be celebrating the Christmas LAN!

If you pay before the 27th November, you can save £5 on the cost of the LAN too.

Finally, the seating plan is up already! (phwor...) If you've paid, click here to choose your weapon seat.

Posted by Conor on 20th November 2018

Come and talk to us!

For a while now we've had our own Discord hole server, and now seems as good a time as any to put it on the website!

If you haven't already heard about Discord, it's sort of like the lovechild of TeamSpeak and IRC. It's free to use and has a pretty good web client as well.

Posted by Conor on 27th January 2018

Summer LAN: Claim your seat and vote for games

Noodle playing swingball

The seating plan for the Summer LAN later this month is on the forum, so post a message to make a claim.

There's also a games vote, so let us know what you'd like to play and we'll see if we can conjur up some suitable tournaments.

If you haven't signed up yet, you can correct that mistake here.

Also, it turns out I'm having a baby. My bad.

Posted by Dave on 10th August 2017

2017 LAN signups are live right now, so book your holidays!

Kicking off 2017 will be our Easter LAN, traditionally the most popular of the year, but perhaps with all this good notice they'll all be big! No excuses this year.

Sign up here, right now!

Also, if everybody would please stop having babies the LAN would be eternally grateful.

Posted by Dave on 1st January 2017

Christmas LAN is on the way

...and Santa has a present for us. Here's a clue:

Sign up here, right now!

Posted by Dave on 10th December 2016

Two new LANs are taking signups NOW!

With Easter and Summer LANs open for signups right now you've got plenty of time to book time off and get your name on the list.

We've experienced an influx of great new board games, as well as party orientated computer games. There's never been as wide a variety of activities. There might even be a Discworld invasion soon.

Playing a bomb defusal game. Everyone's reading instructions on their own devices.

Everybody's dead, Dave.

Posted by Dave on 7th January 2016

Summer LAN signup is ready to go, no excuses

With 140 days (mere months) still to go the dates for the Summer LAN are already in stone and signup is live.

Possibly a prize for Serenica who has surely paid earlier than anyone has ever before. Outstanding. Possibly not. We'll see.

LANs are good places to see the latest tech. Invariably someone brings along something very Shiny (!) for everyone else to drool over. Easter's ShinyLAN was no exception.

Dell's curved ultra-wide screen

Porn has never looked so good! Steady, Dave Taylor.

Posted by Dave on 10th April 2015

We're ahead of the game again

Two LANs planned ahead for this year. Might even get Christmas sorted before the Easter LAN actually happens, and then that'll be a record.

The Easter LAN falls early April this year so there's almost exactly one month to go!

Apologies for the early payment timer being broken this whole time. I'm about to fix it, but something tells me when I do there'll only be 5 minutes left on the clock and nobody will notice it working!

Posted by Dave on 2nd March 2015

<- Oh look - next year's LANs!

Ahead of the game? Surely not. Check out all those future Shiny dates!

2014 is the Chinese year of the LAN, so get on and book the time off because next year there'll be no excuses.

(See how this time I've got them listed in reverse order. Last time I tried it with the later ones on top and everybody got confused and signed up to the wrong event.)

Posted by Dave on 10th December 2013

SL13.3 - Christmas escapism...

If you've had enough already, come to a LAN.

26th - 29th December 2013

Please see the forum for all the chatter about new stuff that's around for this LAN, including Planetary Annihilation.

Early payment will be £30! (to be paid more than 30 days in advance)

Standard price will be: £35 (within 30 days)

On-the-door it WILL BE £45! (or £15/day - so commit for the cause!)

Further details, signup and payment (or you can use the stuff over there to the left)

Posted by Dave on 10th December 2013

SL13.2 - Summer is actually here.

What we need is a darkened room, lots of wirey cabley things and gallons of cider. Que the awesomeness that is a Summer LAN party.

When: 23rd - 26th August 2013, Where: Guess.

Please see the forum for all the exciting news and such like.

Early payment will be £30! (to be paid more than 30 days in advance)

Standard price will be: £35 (within 30 days)

On-the-door it WILL BE £45! (or £15/day - so commit for the cause!)

Further details, signup and payment.

Posted by Ed on 5th July 2013

SL13.1 - Anyone fancy a LAN?

I was chatting to the lads the other day, and we thought it might be nice to have a LAN party.

For all the details, including tourney structures and things that are new, see the forum.

Early payment will be £30! (to be paid more than 30 days in advance)

Standard price will be: £35 (within 30 days)

On-the-door it WILL BE £45! (or £15/day - so commit for the cause!)

Posted by Dave on 17th January 2013

SL12.3 - Should probably mention, Christmas LAN is coming!

Apparently there's another LAN coming up soon! And what's more, at the time of writing there are only two days left to grab yourself a proverbial early bird ticket. Probably should have posted something a little earlier.

People actually voted for the Christmas dates this year, specifically engineered to avoid Boxing Day, so maybe this year will be our biggest Christman LAN! No excuses.

Prices are the same as below. I can't be arsed to repeat them again. Actually, copy and paste is rather easy, and I know you like the pretty colours...

Early payment will be £30! (to be paid more than 30 days in advance)

Standard price will be: £35 (within 30 days)

On-the-door it WILL BE £45! (or £15/day - so commit for the cause!)

Posted by Dave on 26th November 2012

The Summer LAN is SOLD-OUT!

No mistake - 40 people have actually taken it upon themselves to commit to the cause and pay in advance. Many even saved themselves a fiver and paid more than 30 days in advance.

Outstanding work!

Unfortunately this means nobody else can get in on the action. Best not turn up on the day expecting a seat, a table and a cable. Not gonna happen.

It is, however, still entirely possible some fool will have to cancel at the last minute. Should that happen a slot will open up and someone else could jump in, so check the signup list regularly.

Thanks again to everyone who's signed up and paid up - you've no idea how happy that makes me, or how much easier it makes the job of running one of these bleedin' things.

Plus, this ought to be the best LAN in quite some time! Check the forum for information about some exciting new activities, and tourney/quiz team allocation, etc.

Posted by Dave on 3rd August 2012